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Discover our amazing craft partners.

Licensed Stores and Restaurants

Increase your sales by selling more of your favourite independent craft beverages.

Improve your profitability by lowering your cost of home consumer orders from your establishment – you pay a small fixed fee per order plus payment processing fees.

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Brewers | Distillers
| Vintners

Support your favourite craft friendly restaurants and promote independent craft beverage makers at the same time!  

Invest your money in the local economy by supporting independent craft beverage producers and craft friendly restaurants.

So how does it work?

You're an independent craft beverage producer, or restaurant? It's simple:

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Become a Janus partner.

Contact us to sign up and get listed on Janus Craft Beverages. With quick and reliable delivery, you can satisfy customers with the local craft they want, right where they want it.

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Get your product closer to craft lovers.

Craft lovers are looking for great craft, joining the Janus network as a craft listing means we can help you get your product closer to more customers. Use the Janus platform to to work with craft partners to expand your geographic availability and increase sales.

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Relax and enjoy (sharing) the craft.

Keep on sharing great craft beverages. Manage your orders smoothly through our Janus system software.

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